5 Quick Steps to Create Case Story Videos

5 Quick Steps to Create Case Story Videos

Compelling case story videos can help persuade your audience that you have the remedy for their concerns. Besides, video is the perfect platform because it exudes raw emotions from your interviewees that cannot be expressed in any other type of content.

You can amplify the reasoning of your text-based case story by presenting a video that leads to the customer’s emotions in hopes of compelling them to buy your products or avail themselves of your services. The process of video planning and production, however, differs from one customer to another. While different customer bases make every case story unique, here are five common steps that will help create effective case story videos.

1. Set specific goals

It’s hard to proceed without defining what you want to achieve. Decide on what a successful case story video looks like for a particular customer and then set clear objectives that connect to your business goals. Use the acronym “SMART” in defining achievable goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. Have a specific outcome you want to capture with each case story video. This can help you in defining the right questions to ask as well. 

Identify whether the video is to help your sales team pitch the product better, to convert leads into customers or help answer some of the most commonly asked questions your customer success team gets over and over again. Refine the goals based on the objectives you must achieve, and you will more likely hit the targets. Well-defined goals make it easier to create post-campaign reports to determine its success.

2. Identify your target audience

It’s challenging to produce an effective case story without knowing your target audience. Because of this, specifying the buyer persona helps create videos with stronger and compelling messaging. This is a simple, yet largely underused aspect in boosting the campaign’s effectiveness, as trying to appeal to all types of audiences weakens the video’s essence. Instead, choosing a specific sub-group from your followers strengthens the persuasion that the video delivers.

3. Solve a pain point

Discover what ticks off your target audience and provide an answer. Identifying the problem offers a solid foundation for the case story because when you relate to their concern, you can persuade them to patronize your product. The core problem is the central message of your video, and this is why your target audience will devote their attention to your product. Convince them well through interviews and testimonials that will strengthen your case and assure them that you can take their frustrations away.

4. Select the right customer

Once you determine your target buyer persona, ask real customer’s that fit the bill to participate in the case story video. Screen the individuals that belong to this specific group and narrow them down based on their ability to give compelling answers while speaking in front of a camera. Finding the correspondents that viewers can identify with makes the viewers respond positively. Meanwhile, be gracious in asking customers for an interview and answer their questions before filming to ease the tension they may be feeling.

5. Develop the story using the correct questions

You can develop a compelling story by conducting a pre-interview with your chosen correspondents. Learn more about their experiences and their fit for the case story before selecting some aspects of their narrative. After collecting these snippets, you can then develop the story using the customer’s background or core problem, and providing a remedy.

Follow the four-part format to create useful videos: 

  • Identify the situation
  • Dig deeper into the problem and reveal the solution. 
  • Fortify the claim by showing the features of the product and testimonies from previous customers. 
  • Use open-ended questions to get authentic and interesting responses.

Your ally in developing case story videos

Boost your revenue by developing case story videos through Applause Lab’s assistance. Aside from recording high-quality audio and video, we also create full interview transcripts that are perfect for SEO-rich content. We will also use unbiased customer research to produce compelling videos and include add-ons to push the narrative seamlessly. 

If you are looking to create case story videos of your customers for your business, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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