Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

What Are Video Case Stories?

Video case stories can be leveraged in your digital marketing efforts as a form of social proof to build consumer confidence. This type of content is particularly effective at the decision-making stage of a buyer’s journey but can also be leveraged at the top and middle of your funnel if positioned correctly. When you need to get prospective customers over the finish line, high-quality video case stories can help to seal the deal.

An overwhelming 85% of consumers look for reviews about businesses online. Prospective customers are hungry for insights into how people feel about services and products. Ahead of any decision making, they want to be able to trust and have confidence in what your business can offer. Video case stories play a vital role in creating these emotions.

Video testimonials can drive audience engagement and deliver key messaging more effectively than even the most talented copywriter. Written testimonials can often fall flat as they attempt to communicate a given value proposition. After all, they’re just words on a page.

With the emotion of a human’s face and voice, video can bring your testimonials to life. These can be particularly effective when you strategically craft them around a unique value proposition of your products or services.

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

The Power Of Video Content

The emergence of 5G (fifth-generation network) will revolutionize the way in which we consume video content. Load times are going to be faster than ever. Therefore, with increased ease-of-use, audiences will be better equipped to start viewing video content and will likely consume even more than today.

Video is a highly versatile and shareable medium that can be repurposed, chopped up, and utilized across many areas of your digital marketing campaign. We like to call it the lead domino in the content marketing funnel. When you start with this creation medium, you set yourself up for a lot more leverage to create additional content for sales and marketing purposes.

Written testimonials don't naturally lend themselves to a similar degree of repurposing flexibility. To repurpose written testimonials into shareable bites of content, you would need to hire a skilled graphic designer or camera-facing actor for the content, defeating much of the purpose and slowing the speed of creation.

As part of our Standing Ovation package at Applause Lab, we can provide you with a wide variety of video testimonial assets for use across every area of your digital campaign. These can be resized and shaped to perfectly capture your value proposition and the key message you are trying to convey.

Many business owners find themselves in a state of paralysis when it comes to asking customers for video testimonials. There is simply just a lot of friction in the whole process. They feel unsure about the best way to approach it. When is the right time to ask for a video testimonial? How can you ask customers for a video testimonial?

In this article, we are going to consider several different ways of naturally asking customers for video testimonials, including:

  • During the invoicing process
  • After receiving positive feedback
  • On a customer catchup call
  • Through an email conversation

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business


Asking For Video Testimonials during the invoicing process

Invoices are often dull and bland. They usually only contain very basic information, such as contact and payment details. You might occasionally find the odd ‘thank you’ at the end, but in most cases, the content of an invoice doesn’t extend beyond this. So, with all that blank space, isn’t an invoice the perfect place to introduce the idea of a video testimonial to your customer?

The one document you can guarantee a customer reads is the invoice. It’s a crucial piece of paperwork that cannot be overlooked. Why not seize the opportunity and pose the question about participating in a video testimonial? You can also incentivize them with a % off or a gift card as well. 

On the invoice, you could suggest a brief conversation about a video testimonial at the end of your next call. This will ensure that your question isn’t forgotten about or ignored by the customer, who may only skim-read the invoice. Rather than making the message sound generic, you should add highly-personalized language to address the customer directly. Planting the seed is also good so the customer knows and is trained as this is important to you and your business. 

If the request for a video testimonial reads as though it has been copied-and-pasted across multiple customer invoices, they’re likely to ignore it. For this reason, you need to craft a message that focuses on why you are specifically asking them for a video testimonial.

  • Keep it personal
  • Offer incentives if needed 
  • Just plant the seed for your customers

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

Asking For Video Testimonials After Receiving Positive Feedback

If ever there was a time to convince your customer to participate in a video testimonial, it would be straight after receiving positive feedback from them. This is manna from heaven and you should seek to take full advantage of this.

It’s always exciting to receive positive feedback from a customer. This can fill you with a real burst of energy. Whilst it can be easy to get caught up in the euphoria, you should start thinking about how you are going to capitalize on it. Receiving positive feedback is the perfect time to raise the possibility of a video testimonial.

When you’ve done something exceptional for a customer, they are more likely to want to return the favor and do something for you. Whilst there is a payment dynamic to the relationship you have with customers, if you produce great results for them, they may be prepared to go out of their way to complete a video testimonial for you.

At Applause Lab, we ensure that the production of a video testimonial is a seamless experience for your customer. After all, they have given up their time to voluntarily participate in something of immense value for your business. If the process of creating the video testimonial is chaotic and disorientating, the blame will land at your door.

We offer a systemized approach to producing video testimonials with your best customers. They will only need to set aside 8-12 minutes of their working day to have their story captured. During this time, we will squeeze as much value out of their insight as possible, asking them targeted questions for key messaging.

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

Asking For Video Testimonials On A Customer Catchup Call

Customer catchup calls are a great opportunity for you to reflect on the successes and achievements that have been made possible through your partnership. This will help to reinforce the value of the services or products that you provide. It’s often easy for customers to forget about what has been achieved, so now is the time to talk about it.

The vast majority of customers are going to be incredibly grateful and appreciative of your efforts. On the call, when these emotions start to come from the customer, it creates an opportunity for you to ask whether they would be potentially interested in completing a video testimonial for you.

Not everyone is comfortable with speaking directly to a camera. There are plenty of camera-shy people out there and chances are, your customer will be one of them. You need to give your customers a compelling reason to go outside of their comfort zone and do this for you.

A video testimonial could be game-changing for your business and they need to know this. If you’ve helped the customer to achieve great results for their own business, they may be open to returning the favor.

On a customer catchup call, you need to do the groundwork before going in with the big ask. In other words, really make a point of discussing your recent successes with the customer before you set up the question.

The chances of a customer wanting to complete a video testimonial for you will increase if they feel like you have recently provided them with a significant amount of value.

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

Asking For Video Testimonials Later In The Customer Journey

Have you been delivering value to a customer across several months or even years? They’re highly likely to be happy with your products or services. At this point in the customer journey, you’ve already mastered the ‘retention’ stage. The next challenge is to get the customer to start advocating for your products and services - this is called the ‘advocate’ stage.

It’s a crucial leap that can transform the prospects of your business. If you’ve nurtured your customers enough, they will be open to participating in advocacy activities such as video testimonials. This is the perfect way for them to use their unique voice and first-hand experience to advocate for your business.

Asking For Customer Video Testimonials For Your Business

Asking for Video Testimonials Through Email

If you haven’t managed to find a convenient or appropriate time to discuss the possibility of a video testimonial, you can always drop your customer a short and sweet email explaining your ideas. The email should feel highly-personalized, talking about why you are specifically asking them for a testimonial.

Applause Lab would be more than happy to supply you with an email template for enticing your customers into participating in video testimonials. It’s all part of the service! We want to make this as easy for you as possible, which is why we’re ready to help at every step of the way.


The process of asking your customers about participating in video testimonials doesn’t have to be intimidating. At Applause Lab, our ambition is to streamline the entire process of video testimonial production, allowing you to take a hands-off approach whilst we do all the heavy lifting.

Are you ready to start building your first video case story? Let’s talk about a flexible subscription to meet the unique needs of your business. Get started today!

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