Asking for Video Testimonials (with Email Templates)

Asking for Video Testimonials (with Email Templates)

Video testimonials are an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. But many small business owners are unsure of how to ask their customers to participate in them.

In this article, we are going to provide you with practical email templates that you can use when reaching out to your customers about the possibility of recording video testimonials. With the perfect template, producing video testimonials doesn’t have to be challenging.

We completely understand the anxiety around asking your customers for video testimonials. You might feel like you’re asking a lot from them. However, if you can clearly and succinctly detail the workflow in your short email, you will be able to utilize video testimonials in your next digital marketing campaign.

What are the logistics of production? How will the video testimonials be recorded, produced, and delivered? These are questions that you will need to be able to confidently answer to get your customers onboard. Fortunately, with the perfect email template, the processes of creating the video testimonials will be very clear for your customers.

At Applause Lab, we have designed three email templates for you to choose from, and they are each different in both their tone and style. It was important for us to cover all bases, so you can use an email template that matches your brand voice. There’s nothing worse than sending an email that sounds like it was pre-written.

Before we dive into the free email templates, let’s take a moment to consider a few assumptions that make it challenging for small business owners to ask for video testimonials as part of their digital marketing campaign.

Asking for Video Testimonials (Free Templates)

Video testimonials can be uncomfortable for camera-shy customers. Not everyone finds it easy to record themselves talking in front of a camera. However, with a persuasive email, you will be able to put your customer’s fears to rest regarding if they will have adequate time to prepare answers for the questions.

Video testimonials will take up a lot of your customers’ time. This is certainly an assumption that has been closely associated with the production of video testimonials. With Applause Lab’s bespoke web application, video testimonials can take a maximum of 12 minutes to record at a time and pace that suits your customers.

Asking for Video Testimonials (Free Templates)

Video testimonials can only be recorded by long-term customers. This is absolutely not true. There’s much debate about when you should ask your customers for video testimonials. We believe that you should ask for video testimonials a few days after you’ve received a glowing review from a customer on your product or service.

Video testimonials can only be produced using state-of-the-art cameras. This is another myth that needs to be busted. The vast majority of video testimonials that we see in digital marketing campaigns are created using phone cameras and laptop webcams. This means that your customers can produce video testimonials wherever they are.

With the right email template, these assumptions about video testimonials will be a thing of the past. At Applause Lab, we have worked hard to craft and develop a streamlined approach. We aim to make it as easy as possible for your customers to record video testimonials for you on their own time.

Producing video testimonials shouldn’t have to be a strenuous endeavor. With our added levels of flexibility, Applause Lab’s web application makes video testimonials remarkably easier than recording something like a podcast interview or creating other digital marketing resources.

Applause Lab understands that time is incredibly important to your customers. When asking for video testimonials or video case stories, we believe you should be completely open about how long this will take your customers to record. In exchange for their time, you could always offer an incentive for taking part in the interview, making it worth their while.

Let’s break down our first email template…

Asking for Video Testimonials (Free Templates)

Asking for Video Testimonials (Email Template #1)

Dear [Customer First Name]- 

We recently partnered with a company to help produce some video testimonials. They help us capture these via a short interactive "interview style" process that can be done from anywhere. 

Would you be open to taking part in a short video interview and sharing your experience with us? The interviews typically last no longer than 10-12 minutes, and the best part is that it's completely frictionless. This won’t take up much of your time, and it would mean the world to us. 

You can simply record your experience with us here [Insert Video Case Story URL]. It makes it easy to record from your computer, tablet or cell phone. 

We deeply appreciate you doing this!

[Your Name]

This is the ideal email template for a customer who is ready to start advocating for your product or service and has previously expressed interest in doing so. These are the clients that you have developed long and meaningful relationships with, who have a true passion for your product or service.

We have tightly refined the email template to get to the ‘important stuff’ quickly. At Applause Lab, we’re big believers in short emails. If you send someone a long email that’s asking for something from them, the ‘ask’ is likely to get lost in paragraphs and paragraphs of text.

A short email that quickly addresses and squashes a customer’s potential concerns about recording a video testimonial can make the production process smooth and seamless - and this is exactly what you want!

Asking for Video Testimonials (Free Templates)

Asking for Video Testimonials (Email Template #2)

[Customer First Name] - You have been an amazing customer. We’re extremely grateful to be working with you. I wanted to reach out to you quickly to see if you would be open to helping us with something. 

Would you be interested in sharing your experience working with us in a short video testimonial? 

This won't take more than 8-12 mins of your time, and we can offer you [Insert Incentive here] for doing the interview. The short interview will be low key, fun, and easy. Best part, you can record it right from your computer, phone, or tablet on your time.

Here is the link to record your experience: [Insert Video Case Story URL]

Let me know when you can. Have an awesome day.

[Your Name]

Our second email template is ideal for small business owners that typically have a fairly relaxed, conversational tone of voice. They’re also likely to have a good rapport with their customer, making this email template tonally appropriate.

The opening is designed to flatter the customer with compliments, displaying your appreciation of them - this perfectly sets up the ‘big ask’. We have made the wording of this email intentionally brief, subconsciously making the video testimonial feel like less work for the customer.

If this email template sounds like the type of email that you usually send to your customers, then you should definitely consider using it. You could create a new email chain to send this note in, or you could add it to an existing chain. We think the tone could work well either way.

Asking for Video Testimonials (Free Templates)

Asking for Video Testimonials (Email Template #3)

Hi [Customer First Name], 

I wanted to ask you a favor. We’re working on collecting experiences from our customers, and we would love to hear from you. We value your feedback as the whole team at [Your Company Name] is constantly working to be better. 

Would you be open to doing a short (8-12mins) video recording to share your experience working with us so far? We leverage a fun interactive recording process that makes it effortless and easy to do on your time. I would be willing to compensate you with [Insert Incentive here] for taking your valuable time to help us with this. 

Here is the link to record your experience: [Insert Video case story url]

Thanks so much!


[Your Name]

The tone of this email template is slightly geared towards the customers who may initially appear reluctant to participate in the creation of video testimonials or video case stories. We have carefully crafted this email copy to be highly persuasive.

The opening paragraph of this email focuses on the idea that this video testimonial will help to improve the products or services that you’re currently offering to the customer. This suggests that they will directly benefit from providing you with a video testimonial.

The idea of the customer benefiting from providing you with this testimonial is continued when you offer an additional incentive later in the email. This could be anything from a discount on your products and services or even an Amazon gift voucher. You just need something to increase the value proposition from the customer’s perspective.

This email template is ideal for the type of customer who may feel like they’ have to go ‘out of their way’ to record video testimonials for you.

Final Thoughts

We hope these email templates will help you to get more customers on board with your digital marketing initiatives. Video testimonials play a crucial role in engaging prospects with customer success case stories.

Do you have any questions about these email templates for capturing video testimonials? Please send us your questions in the comments section below. We read and respond to all of them.

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