The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials

The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials

At Applause Lab, we believe that video testimonials are an essential part of a successful digital marketing campaign.

In this article, we are going to take you behind the scenes and share our process of crafting video testimonials with you. We have taken time over the last few months to fine-tune the production of our video testimonials. After all, this is a crucial marketing asset that you cannot get wrong. In our eyes, every single detail matters.

The conversion rates of paid campaigns and landing pages depend on the ability of your video testimonials to drive results. If they are unable to generate conversions, there’s almost certainly something wrong with the video content. This is why every detail matters. We recently wrote an article on what your video testimonials should include.

Once you get your video testimonial strategy off the ground, the sky's the limit. Video testimonials are an incredibly versatile marketing asset. This content can be very easily repurposed into other forms, providing your audience with additional value across different marketing channels. These other forms of content include podcasts and blog articles.

We will be sharing our step-by-step video production process with you, guiding you through the simplicity of securing these exceptionally unique marketing assets for your business. Alongside this, we are going to take this opportunity to present some recent examples of our work to you, helping you to gain a sense of how other businesses are presenting video testimonials.

There’s a lot we want to cover! First of all, before we take you behind the scenes and show you our production process, let’s jump right into a brief recap on what video testimonials are, why they are important for growth, and how businesses can utilize these assets in their digital marketing campaigns. We guarantee that you will learn something new.

The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials (May 2020)

What are Video Testimonials?

A video testimonial is when your customer speaks directly to the camera about your products or services. Some video testimonials are shot using state-of-the-art recording equipment, whilst others are created using the customer’s phone or webcam. It all depends on the marketing budget of a business.

There’s no set way of conducting video testimonials. Although, with affordability in mind, the vast majority of video testimonials for small businesses are created using the customer’s phone or webcam. This means the content can be produced remotely, sparing the need for a costly video production team.

At Applause Lab, we recognized the need for video testimonials after studying dozens of online business marketing campaigns. The results of video testimonials really do speak for themselves. From studying these successful campaigns, we quickly realized that every business needs video testimonials. These are essential marketing assets - and tools for growth.

The biggest barrier to entry for creating video testimonials is rooted in ‘the big ask’. When we speak to small business owners, so many of them are desperate to get some video testimonials circulating on their social media and dropped on their landing pages. However, they do not know how to approach the idea with their customers.

Small business owners can be hesitant to ask for video testimonials from their customers because there’s a level of uncertainty over how these can be produced and delivered. They simply do not know where to start. Fortunately, as an end-to-end video testimonial production service, Applause Lab does all the heavy lifting for you with our intuitive software.

The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials (May 2020)

Why is Video Testimonials important?

Video testimonials really are the crème de la crème of marketing assets. There’s nothing else that compares to the amount of value that video testimonials can bring to your business. It’s an epic form of social proof, a marketing magic trick that can be used to influence purchasing decisions and drive conversions. They have all the ingredients needed to help facilitate growth.

When it comes to picking products off the shelves, we all have the ability to think independently and make our own decisions about what we do and don’t buy. However, this doesn’t mean that we, as consumers, cannot be subtly influenced by the purchasing decisions of others along the way, especially if we relate to them. This is the essence of social proof.

Social proof is, without a doubt, the most powerful form of marketing there is. If you meet someone that used to have the exact same problem as you, there’s a serious likelihood you will explore, or at least consider, the solution that they found to the problem. For instance, if you’re walking down the street, looking for somewhere to eat, you’re more likely to go into a restaurant that lots of other people are entering. It’s a very subtle influence.

We can be encouraged by the behavior of those around us. When someone finds a solution to a problem they have, you may be inclined to follow their lead if you share the same problem. We are always on the lookout for solutions to our problems, in both our personal and professional lives. What problem does your product or service solve for people?

So, how does social proof relate to video testimonials? Well, as we mentioned just a moment ago, video testimonials are a form of social proof. Your potential customers will be able to see themselves in the person who is giving the testimonial, as they talk about the problem they faced and how your product or service solved it. It really is all about relatability.

“The problem” lies at the heart of every video testimonial. This is the sticking point that your potential customers will be able to relate to. It is, therefore, important to make sure that the existing customer who is giving the video testimonial is representative of your target audience. You want their problems and pain points to align. The more specific the problem is, the closer it will resonate. Ideally, you should focus on just one, single problem in each testimonial.

When we work with businesses to craft video testimonials for their upcoming digital marketing campaigns, we always try to ask their customers questions that really push this problem and solution narrative. It’s a classic storytelling technique that is super effective when it comes to marketing. Video testimonials can be condensed for certain marketing channels to tell this narrative as succinctly as possible.

Here are just a few examples of the questions that we ask your customers:

  • What was the main problem that our offering solved for you?
  • How did your fortunes change when you turned to us?
  • If you had left the problem unsolved, what would have happened?
  • How can a person benefit from using our products/services?
  • When did you realize that our offering was right for you?

The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials (May 2020)

How can Video Testimonials be used in marketing campaigns?

This is where the fun starts! There are many different use cases for video testimonials in your marketing campaigns. In fact, we recently produced a guide on more than 20 different ways in which you can leverage your video testimonials. It’s a 60-page PDF guide that will help you to spark ideas and start using your social proof assets in creative ways. It’s jam-packed with insightful ideas that you should be considering.

As we said earlier, video testimonials are an incredibly versatile marketing asset. You can be utilizing this content across all of your key marketing channels to squeeze as much value out of the videos as possible. It’s also worth noting that video testimonials are reasonably evergreen. Once you’ve made the initial investment into video production, you will be able to use these valuable marketing assets for years to come.

Here are just some of the ways that you could be leveraging your video testimonials:

  • You can build paid media and retargeting campaigns around video testimonials.
  • You can add links to video testimonials in your cold email campaigns.
  • You can create social media posts with short, bite-sized video testimonials.
  • You can place video testimonials at the core of your landing pages.
  • You can embed video testimonials within blog content.

For certain marketing channels, you will need to significantly reshape and resize your video testimonials to help them achieve their maximum potential. It’s all about adapting to user behavior across different channels. For instance, video testimonials on landing pages are typically going to be longer than video testimonials that appear on Facebook newsfeeds.

When you start to consider the various use cases for video testimonials in your marketing campaigns, you will need to think about how user behavior varies on different marketing channels. On Facebook, it’s essential to capture the attention of your target audience in the first 5 seconds, with landing pages, you have much more time to do so.

Your target audience is going to be prepared to watch longer video testimonials on your landing pages. Although, with social media channels, you will need to cut your video testimonials down into bitesize chunks that can be consumed quickly. At Applause Lab, this is something that we can do for you, without compromising the narrative structure of your content.

As we change the shape and size of video testimonials for our customers, we always circle back to the underlying purpose of the content - to show target audiences that a certain product or service is the solution to the problem they are trying to solve. It’s as simple as that. We can provide you with a range of deliverables for use across all of your marketing channels.

The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials (May 2020)

Our 3-Step Process for Video Testimonial Production

It’s time to take you behind the scenes and show you where all the magic happens. At Applause Lab, we believe in the art of simplicity. When people think of video production, they often imagine it to be something that’s very hands-on and chaotic. As we’ve refined our process over the past few months, we’ve managed to build a very tight production workflow.

With our done-for-you video testimonial production service, you barely lift a finger and neither do your customers. Video production is usually perceived to be full of friction and unwanted challenges. We are about to throw your preconceived ideas out of the window! Let’s talk you through our 3-step step process to bring your video testimonials to life.

Step 1: Capture Link

The first step begins with a quick consultation between the Applause Lab team and your business. We want to find out as much as we can about the key characteristics of your customers. What do they look for in your products and services? Is there a particular problem that you solve for your customers? These are the types of questions that we will ask you.

After we’ve had an initial conversation with you, we will dive straight into crafting some strategic and purpose-driven questions to ask your customers. These will always stem back to the value proposition that you provide your customers with, creating the narrative-like structure that we talked about earlier.

Once the questions are in place and your customer has agreed to participate in a video testimonial (this can be done using one of our email templates), we start the process of capturing the video content. We will create a fully-personalized and branded capture link that you can send to your customers. Here is an example of an Applause Lab capture link.

Step 2: Submission

Recording and submitting the video testimonial using our intuitive web application will take less than 12 minutes of your customer’s time. They could even do it during their coffee break! We’ve worked very hard to design a process that keeps things within a tight timeframe, whilst ensuring that we squeeze as much value out of your customers as possible with targeted questioning.

Your customers can use our web application on their mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop. The web application loads just like a webpage and doesn’t require any installation. Question prompts can guide your customers through the entire process, holding their hand along the way. This is perfect if you have customers that have an aversion to new technology.

If you haven’t had the chance already, we highly recommend that you participate in our interactive demo to see how your customers will be walked through the process of capturing their video testimonials. It’s a completely seamless user experience that is both intuitive and highly effective. This is a chance for you to step into your customer’s shoes to see what the capturing process will be like for them.

Step 3: Production

This is where the real magic happens. Our editing team gets to work, taking all of the best bits from your customer’s video testimonial and turning them into snackable clips that are perfect for social sharing. Alongside this, we are also happy to provide you with all of the raw footage as part of the deliverable packages that we send across to you once editing is complete.

The Process Of Crafting Video Testimonials (May 2020)

Take a browse through our recent work

The proof is always in the pudding! Why not take a browse through some of our recent video testimonials that have been completed for customers across a broad spectrum of industries. Our done-for-you video testimonial production service is perfect for any business that is ready to start using customer advocacy to grow its customer base further.

Are you ready to start unlocking the power of video testimonials to drive customer acquisition for your business? Let’s talk about your video case story strategy today!

Boost sales, and create more social proof with Video Testimonials

This 49-page guide outlines 20+ strategic ways you can start leveraging video testimonials for your eCommerce brand immediately

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