Getting started with
Applause Lab

So you are ready to get started with Applause Lab to create some eye-catching video testimonials? Let’s capture the social capital you deserve, and position you to have an endless source of video testimonials to grow your business!

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What to expect next

Onboarding time commitment from you:

Less than 10-min onboarding form

Less than 10-min of collaboration to approve your company interview questions in a Google Doc.

In Less than 7 days +/- from when you complete onboarding and approve your interview questions, we deliver your custom Video Testimonial capture link to start sharing with your customers.

Outline which customers in your database you want to reach out to. We recommend shortlisting at least 5-10 customers to start.

Ongoing time commitment from you

Onboarding time commitment from you:

Less than 5-10 min to review and approve each completed Video Testimonial that we create for you and your company moving forward.

Your first video testimonial we produce typically has some more back and forth to ensure it is exactly what you want. As we dial in your editing and brand preferences, future feedback is minimal.

Sharing your capture link with your best customers at the right time in their customer journey. Remember you can CC us to help take care of the entire follow up process until your customers submit.

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Setting Expectations

Before we dive in working together, we want to align and make sure we are on the same page. This ensures we will have a successful, lasting and long-term working relationship. Below we will run over our process and how to get the most value from working with us. Please review before we start.


Sign up for your first discounted Video Testimonial.

Our goal is to show you what our team can do for you and the value we can provide. No commitments, just a solid video testimonial on your journey to endless social proof.


Onboarding Process

After you pay for your first order, you will be asked to complete our short, company onboarding intake form. This allows us to get to know you, your video testimonial goals, desired outcomes, and to gather key information like your logo, brand colors and video editing preferences.


Approve Interview Questions

We already have a list of proven interview questions to ask your customers, but we also know each business is unique in both industries, their goals, and what they sell. Here we want to make sure everything is customized based on your business. We’ll take into account your onboarding data, then alter, tweak and adjust the questions to fit your business to ensure we extract the best stories and experiences from your customers.


Creating your special Video Testimonial capture link

In less than 4 days after your questions are approved, our team will professionally record all your questions and build out your unique Applause Lab Capture Link. This link is what you will share with your best customers to record their experiences and stories. This makes it effortless to start building your video testimonial war chest. No special software is needed, and your customers can record in less than 12-min from their phone, tablet or computer.


Requesting Video Testimonials

Now armed with your custom capture link you can start reaching out to your best customers. This can be done manually, or you can embed your link in your customer journey and (or) in your team’s request sent to them at the right time in their lifecycle with you.


Editing & Production

Once our team receives your incoming video testimonial submissions, all the raw footage is reviewed and then produced into your 90-120 second professional video testimonial. All this magic happens in less than 72-hours of submission.


Approval & Completion

Pending any potential edits, you can then mark your Video Testimonial as ‘Complete’. You will have full access to download and use freely within any of your marketing campaigns and strategies. You also will receive all the raw footage and .txt transcript from the interview.


Deploy & Leverage

This is the first of many high-quality video testimonials we will create for you. Our goal is to help fuel an endless supply of video testimonials to fill your social proof war chest. You now can decide which one of our subscriptions best fits your business needs. We offer packages of 4, 8, 12, and 24 video testimonials per year.

20+ ways to leverage Video Testimonials

Download our special guide with over 20+ ways to leverage your newly created video testimonials to grow your business. If this doesn’t spark ideas nothing will.

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Still have questions?

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